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This book offers you the five important keys you must have in order to live an impactful life on earth, fulfill your life purpose, and leave a good legacy.


Reading this book will open your eyes to important principles every human who desires to realiZe and utilize their potentials to its maximum capacity must embrace to successfully achieve their dream. It gives you the keys that will rescue you from dying as a mediocre person.

What You'll Learn:

- How to discover your specific life purpose. A lot of people have been advised to discover their purpose of creation, but not many people know how to discover their specific life purpose. This book gives a detailed explanation and practical steps to discovering your specific life purpose to live an impactful life on earth.

- The principal reason you're still in a physical world and not the spirit world. The power of your physical body and your spirit.

- A peculiar lesson from the life of Samson that is vital to living a life of impact. Many Christians know Samson as a man who died without fulfilling God's purpose for his life, but there is something very peculiar about Samson that will blow your mind that 99% of Christians do not know today - which this book exposes.

- The hidden factor that qualified Queen Esther and Mary the Mother of Jesus to receive uncommon favour from God to realize their potentials.

- Practical life lessons vital for living an impactful life from the true life story of a woman who was gang-raped to death and her dead body was cut into twelve pieces with a knife by her husband.

- Powerful life lessons important to living a life of impact from the true life stories of women whose lives were preserved because of the presence of a particular precious quality and those whose lives were destroyed for the absence of this precious quality.


About the book


This book is for everyone. I give you 100% guarantee that you'll learn something from this book that you have never heard before that will be of high profit to you. You don't know it all, only God knows it all, and He inspired the content of this book.


If you were recently sacked from your place of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic or you've tried to get a job for many years without success, read this book, discover your specific life purpose and employ yourself.


This book is for individuals with a mindset of greatness; who want to realize and utilize their full potentials to live out their specific purpose of creation, impact humanity positively, and leave a good legacy.


If you don't want to die unfulfilled,

If you don't want to die a mediocre,

If you don't want to go to the grave with all your potentials,

If you don't want to disappoint your Maker by failing to do what He created you for,

If you don't want to die without leaving a legacy, If you're tired of living without purpose,

If you desire to be a blessing to your generation and impact generations after you,



And if you think or believe you've discovered your life's purpose, this book will authenticate that or disprove you. So you need a copy.





Book price: 5 USD


Click on the link below to purchase the book: (Primarily for those in Nigeria).


(Mainly for those outside Nigeria).




Using Your Smartphone To Write & Publish EBOOKS

by Precious Victor Akah

"You can do much more than you ever imagined with just your smartphone, including writing and publishing eBooks."

The entry-level into the self-publishing arena for many authors comes via an ebook, and you should consider starting your self-publishing journey with this format.

The thought of writing an eBook can be inundating, with the thought of writing an eBook with a smartphone seeming impossible, but after reading this book, you'll see things differently and think differently. This book gives you practical steps on writing an eBook using a smartphone and with copyright protection. Your dream of writing an eBook with copyright protection is made possible after reading this book. 

Computer users can also benefit from the knowledge shared in this book (it is an added advantage if you have a computer). You will be able to bring to reality your dream of becoming an author or making money through the sale of eBooks after reading this book.

If you are in Nigeria

"Don’t give up on your dream of becoming a published author simply because the process of self-publishing a print book feels overwhelming. Instead, consider publishing an eBook."

If you are outside Nigeria


Ebooks are popular. Ebooks are a multi-million dollar industry, and sales increase every year.


If you want to get your book into the hands of readers as simply and quickly as possible, publish an eBook. 


Some writers get so overwhelmed with the thought of self-publishing both an eBook and print-on-demand paperback that they abandon their publishing plans altogether. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t let the fear of releasing different book formats get in your way of publishing success.


Since the standard eBook format is flowable/dynamic (not fixed), readers can customize how they read your content. They can adjust the font styles, font size, and line spacing to fit their personal reading style. Many of the newer e-readers also come with text-to-speech features. This ability to increase font size or hear your book rather than read it makes your eBook accessible to a broader audience.


Also, your readers can download an e-reading app on their phone, tablet, or computer, and read eBooks in their web browser. This flexibility makes it easy for readers to access your eBooks when and where it’s most convenient for them.


NB: You can sell your knowledge on a particular subject, your life experiences, your skill (cake making, cooking, painting, teaching, business, make-up, relationship, advertising, I.T, wedding planning, etc) in a small eBook for a token of money.


Most people today find reading big books very boring, so with just a small eBook loaded with priceless knowledge, you can get the attention of people and get them to buy your books.


Don’t feel pressure to release a paperback version at the same time or even at a later date. The worst thing that can happen is that publishing a paperback becomes a barrier to self-publishing success.

1. Ebooks have a global reach. Distribute your book via global retailers and aggregators, and it’ll be widely available to readers around the world.


2. Ebooks are straightforward to publish. It’s a multi-step process, but the eBook industry has matured over the past five years, creating different options to get your book published that match your skill level.


3. Ebooks offer instant reader gratification. Readers can purchase your book and start reading it immediately. Features like Amazon’s one-click ordering make impulse buys a no-brainer.

4. An eBook is portable. Readers take their phones and digital devices with them most places, so it’s easier to carry around multiple digital books than it is to carry around a collection of paperbacks.

5. Ebooks are free to sell. You don’t have to pay a retailer or aggregator to sell your books. Instead, you pay them a commission based on your royalties when you sell a book. That said, some aggregators have a different business model that entails charging an upfront fee instead of taking a percentage of your royalties.


6. Ebooks are inexpensive to create. There are some bare minimum essentials you need to invest in to self-publish your book, but most of the steps can be done by you at no, or minimal, cost.


7. Ebooks can contain live links. Include clickable URLs in your eBook. This allows you to direct your readers to your website, blog, and social media networks but also to any other external information source.


8. Ebooks can be revised and updated. Given how quickly nonfiction information changes, it’s essential to be able to keep your book current and accurate. Once you’ve updated your text, it’s quick and easy to republish your book.


9. Ebook copies can be given for free. Digital files are easy and free to send to reviewers, readers, or anyone else to whom you want to provide a complimentary copy.


10. Ebook copies are low-cost marketing tools. Your book establishes your subject-matter expertise, and, once released, allows you to call yourself an author.


11. Ebooks have a flexible pricing strategy. As there are no printing costs associated with eBooks, you can experiment with different discount pricing strategies.


12. Ebooks are inexpensive to purchase. Readers who are reticent to buy a book at the higher paperback price may be persuaded to invest in your book at the lower eBook price.



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