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A Good Marriage


You don't automatically know a good, working and successful marriage by how long the couple have been married.

A marriage of 13 years that later dissolved would have been admired, tagged and celebrated by some people as a good and successful marriage until the divorce or separation happened and people got to know what has been going on in the marriage.

A good marriage is not necessarily one that has lasted for years (5 years, 10, 15, 20 or more), because it could have lasted that long because one of the parties is long-suffering and is ENDURING what he or she should have been ENJOYING.

Unfortunately, some people cannot endure for a lifetime, this is why marriages of 10 years, 20 years, have dissolved, even 30 years have divorced.

So contrary to what some people think, a marriage of 14 years filled with strife, constant fighting, disagreement, verbal abuse, physical or emotional abuse, infidelity, and/or disunity, is not a good marriage.

A marriage can be 40 years old and not be a good marriage because it's simply a consensus between a man and a woman to live peacefully together in one house or it's a fortunate case of two compatible personality types coming together.

So be careful when praying for a marriage like that of your neighbor, your friend, a social media celebrity or a relative - who you think has a good marriage because they've been together for long. You don't really have full knowledge of what is going in their marriage and you won't be able to access that information, because not everything is accessible to the public.

What then is a good marriage? A good marriage is one where Jesus is the Head of the home, the husband intentionally loves his wife as Christ loves the Church, the wife joyfully submits to her husband as she does to the Lord, the children (if any) are being raised as godly seeds, and both husband and wife with their children (or without children) are satisfied and joyful (the number of years they've been together notwithstanding).

That is the marriage to admire. That is the marriage to pray for. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to pray aright when praying for your future partner, your marital life or marriage.

~ Precious Victor Akah

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