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Appreciate Your Spouse


Appreciating your spouse helps them do better and serve you better. Don't take your spouse for granted. Don't take what they do for you for granted because you feel it is your right or you're entitled to their help, no please.

When your spouse feels unappreciated and taken for granted, they would not serve you better. But when you appreciate them for everything they do for you, even the seemingly little or insignificant ones, you spur them on to do much more and to go the extra mile to help and assist you daily.

It is one thing to help someone and another to do that with joy and gladness. If you don't appreciate your spouse, they may go on to help you, but it may not be with joy, but with just a sense of obligation. In other words, they're helping you because they feel obligated to do so and not because they find joy doing it or they enjoy helping you, which isn't good.

You don't want your spouse to help you just because they're obligated to (they wouldn't be doing it from their heart); you want your spouse to help you because they enjoy helping you, because you're grateful and appreciative of their help.

What is not done from the heart is usually not done well, and what is not done with joy often lacks a touch of excellence. You can't get the best from your spouse if you don't appreciate them.

From cooking for you, paying the rent and house bills, taking care of the children, providing money for food, to satisfying you sexually, taking care of you and looking out for your well-being; appreciate your spouse for these things and do not take any for granted.

What you take for granted you may soon miss; what you appreciate you preserve.

Appreciate your spouse always, even when it's obvious they're just fulfilling their marital duty, obligation or responsibilities.

Appreciate your spouse and they'll serve you better and be delighted to help you always.

Don't be too proud or egoistic to withhold THANK YOU from your spouse, it withholds the best from your spouse from flowing to you. Be generous with THANK YOU.


~Precious Victor Akah


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