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Appreciation Vs Criticism


Appreciate your spouse more than you criticize them.

Rather than constantly criticize, appreciate your spouse for the efforts they're making to change.

Notice and appreciate your spouse for the efforts they're making to change some habits or behaviors you've expressed dissatisfaction about.

Appreciating those little efforts they're making encourages and motivates them to make greater efforts to change for good.

Criticizing them (back to back) on the other hand will only discourage them from making further efforts to change; infact, it can even make them give up trying to change.

Learn this secret and apply it in your marriage and see better results.

Appreciation works better than criticism.

If there is a bad behavior/character your spouse has been exhibiting (which you've constantly complained about to their hearing), try your best to be sensitive enough to know or notice when they're making efforts to stop that bad behavior and appreciate their efforts.

Don't always assume that they're never going to change, and so slam them even before they react to a situation, because you might not know if they have started making secret efforts to change.

And if you cut in on them and harshly tell them, "YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE!", you may end up killing their morale; because they'll say to themselves, "If this is what you've believed about me - that I can never change - then there is no need for me to make any effort to change."

So be careful not to follow this route. Help your spouse change the bad habits or behavior they're struggling with, instead of constantly criticizing them.

And if you must give constructive criticism, show appreciation first before giving criticism. If you want your partner to accept your criticism, always highlight what you appreciate first. This the Lord is teaching me presently.


~Precious Victor Akah


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