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Attracting God's Blessings in Your Home


God releases His blessings where there is unity. See Psalm 133:1-3

Therefore, one way to attract God's blessings in your home is to live in unity.

A home united in love is a home filled with God's blessings.

But a home where there is disunity, strife, hatred, unforgiveness, rancor and disharmony is a home devoid of God's blessings.

So no matter how much you pray alone (privately) as a husband or wife for God's blessings (yet keeping malice, unforgiveness or bitterness in your heart towards your spouse), God's blessings will not be released.

God operates by principles and He honors every principle He has established. So respect the principle of keeping and maintaining unity in your home/marriage and God will keep pouring His blessings on your home.

Key word: Do all you can to maintain unity in your home to keep God's blessings flowing into your home.


Let go.

Avoid malice.

Disagreements shouldn't lead to dissention.

Make peace.

Unity in a home is synonymous with God's blessings in a home.

Ask and receive from the Holy Spirit the grace to forgive easily and not keep grudges.

Love bears all things.

God's blessings will keep flowing into your home as unity remains, in Jesus' Name, Amen.


~Precious Victor Akah


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