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Ladies, you don't want a man in your life who's only there for your body, that is why it's not wisdom, as a lady, to market your body, as a way to attract a husband or a man who'll love and cherish you.

Because you'll not attract such a man to yourself by doing this, you'll only attract men who solely loves your body and doesn't care at all about you. Why? They fell in love with your body and not who you are. They love what you have (your body), not who you are (your true self), so they'll abuse and rough handle you.

What you really need (even if you're not aware of it) is a man who'll love and cherish you, not a man who'll abuse you. A man who cares about you and will be committed to you.

And to attract this kind of man, you market your true self (who you are): your character, principles, beliefs, intelligence, your abilities and skillfulness, your spiritual soundness, not your body.

When a man falls in love with who you are, he'll value you and treat you well. And this man who loves who you are and shows commitment is the man you'll then give your body to (after marriage).

Note: If it's just your body that delights a man, he won't care about what happens to your soul and spirit (your happiness and joy, your relationship with God, your emotional well-being, your spiritual well-being and your physical well-being).

I pray you walk in wisdom.


~Precious Victor Akah


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