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Relationship-wise, some people come into your life to BRING OUT the BEST in you, while others come to STEAL the BEST in you.

When anyone comes into your life, and they keep thinking of ways to improve your life, what they can pour into you, what they can help you achieve, a negative habit/traits they can help you overcome, what they can give to you...

They ask questions about your purpose, your passion, your talents, gifts and skills, even your business or career - seeking to draw out the treasures in you and to help unleash your potentials, they clearly seek to BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU. Keep them as friends, consider the possibility of having them as your life partner.

On the other hand, if someone comes into your life, and all they do is try to get from you, they never ask of your goals and aspirations and how closer you're to achieving them; each time they call you or pay you a visit, it is solely to get something from you or make a demand for you to do something for them.

They always request for money, sex, pleasure, your resources, time, even drawing you away from God and your relationship with God. They also constantly draw from your wealth of knowledge, wisdom or experience to only better themselves and/or their business or career, they have come to STEAL THE BEST IN YOU, don't call such people friends, let alone consider having them as your partner in life.

A very selfish person seeks to take from you; avoid takers and stealers.

A selfless person seeks to give to you and to share with you.

Know who to choose as a life partner. If you're the only one giving and they're the only one receiving, something is fundamentally wrong no matter the excuse they have or how you try to justify their action.

A handsome, rich but selfish man might appeal to you before marriage, but after marriage, he'll no longer appeal to you, because of what use is a man's riches to you if you cannot benefit from it? And of what use is a man's handsomeness or a woman's beauty to you if he/she is only committed to their personal well-being without caring about the well-being of the other members of the family?

Don't be shallow-minded when choosing a life partner.

If you're currently in a pre-marital relationship that depletes your joy, peace, and rest of mind, take the bold step today to leave. Joy, peace, and rest of mind is priceless, and if you're going to live a fulfilling, long, useful and vibrant life, you need them.


~Precious Victor Akah


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