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Cohabitation Is Not Marriage


To cohabit is to live together with a romantic partner and have sexual relationship without being married. This act was termed "LIVING IN SIN" in the past. So when two "lovers" were living together without being married, they were said to be "living in sin". You can check it out on Google. And truly, cohabitation is a sinful act before God, and those engaged in it are literally living in sin.

Cohabiting is often an attempt to practice marriage before it begins.

But the real truth is: You cannot practice marriage before marriage, you can only experience marriage when you're in it.

You get a true grasp of what being married is like when you're inside the institution of marriage.

Cohabitation is not marriage neither is it similar to marriage in any way. So, cohabitation DOES NOT give you a taste of marriage at all.

If you want to experience marriage, you must be married to experience it. You cannot experience marriage (as an unmarried person) without being married.

Living together with your boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancé/fiancée can never give you the experience of marriage, because what you have is not marriage but a roommate.

The covenant and commitment in marriage cannot be found in cohabitation.

To experience marriage you must be lawfully married. Stop shacking up with that man or woman and do things the right way if you desire to have God's blessings in your life and in your relationship.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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