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A man may not genuinely love you, but calls and texts you everyday, just because he is on a mission - he has a malevolent agenda, and he believes one of the ways he can convince you to believe that he genuinely loves you (so he can accomplish his malicious mission) is by calling and texting you daily or frequently.

On the other hand, a man may genuinely love you but has a challenge calling or texting you daily. This might be because he is simply ignorant of the fact that you want to be called and/or texted daily, or because he cannot financially afford to call and text you everyday, or even that his daily schedule/program makes it very difficult for him to call or text everyday (he can even forget due to a myriad of tasks on his plate or an unexpected challenge he is faced with).

So it is not wise to just cut off a man or conclude that he doesn't love you just because he doesn't call or text you everyday.

If you need him to call or text you everyday, talk to him about it and come to an agreement on that; and if he has genuine reasons why he can't call or text you everyday, understand him, if you can make the call or text him, do. You both are in a relationship leading to marriage.

Please note: this is not an advice to chase a man (with constant phone calls/texts) who you obviously know does not love you or want to be with you.

Understanding is important in any relationship that will thrive. Don't severe a God-ordained relationship just because your expectations of being called/texted everyday (or frequently) is not being met. You both can find a middle ground and agree on what to do so everyone is happy.

PS: This is addressed to those who are already in an established relationship leading to marriage.


~Precious Victor Akah


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