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The antidote to loneliness is not marrying a person, but marrying your purpose.

You can be married to someone and still be lonely if the person does not have time for you nor treat you well.

"If you marry the wrong person you'll be lonelier in marriage", someone rightly said.

Don't be quick to marry because you're feeling lonely. Loneliness is not a good drive to marry. Remember, Adam did not ask God to give him a wife, neither was he overwhelmed with loneliness. He was alone but not lonely. God Himself thought it wise to give Adam a helper.

So the antidote to loneliness is not marrying a person. It is marrying your purpose. Adam was first married to his purpose, then God orchestrated his marriage to a person (Eve).

You kill loneliness with connection: connection first to God (the Source of your life purpose), then connection to your life purpose. Connection to another human (marriage) is just icing on the cake.

Connect to God, connect to your purpose and stay connected; human connection (marriage) will be added by God in due time.

Loneliness struggles to survive where connection to God and to one's purpose exists.

Bro, sis, you've waited long enough to end up with the wrong person.

Wait a little more and get it right.

As you wait, enjoy your singlehood and make memories you'll live to enjoy remembering even when married.

Let your purpose for living keep you busy and occupied while you wait for God to orchestrate your meeting and marriage to the right person.

Discover and face your purpose if you're yet to. It makes this stage of your life meaningful, enjoyable and worth living.

Absence of purpose can lead to sorrow, sadness, envy, hatred and depression in this stage.

Purpose keeps loneliness away. Face purpose squarely.

Singlehood is exhilarating when you're married to your purpose.

You bid farewell to singlehood once you're married. So, enjoy it now (in a fun, godly and memorable way).

If you marry the right person you'll enjoy marriage and being married. If you marry the wrong person you'll hate marriage and being married. Be patient enough to get it right.


~Precious Victor Akah


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