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If a relationship is not making you a better Christian, gather courage and walk away.

If a relationship is making you sin more against God and live unholy, you should know that such relationship is not God's will for you and you shouldn't remain in it.

A relationship that reduces your spirituality (tones down or quenches your spiritual fire) and is drawing you farther away from God or hampering your intimacy with God is not a good relationship that should advance to marriage.

Your relationship with God comes first and is more important than your romantic relationship with the opposite sex. Don't value a relationship with the opposite sex more than your relationship with God.

It is your relationship with God that powers and sustains your relationship with the opposite sex and makes it attain or fulfill God's plan and purpose for it.

When your relationship with God is waning, your relationship with the opposite sex will not turn out well; it'll be adversely affected, sooner than later, sin (immorality) will be introduced - leading to the ruin of the relationship or truncating God's agenda for that relationship.

Value your relationship with God above all else and guard it against deterioration if you want that relationship (with the opposite sex) God orchestrated or match-made to lead to a good marriage.

Don't abandon God because you found love. Stay connected to your first Love.


~Precious Victor Akah


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