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Exploitative Relationship


Where love is absent, exploitation will be present. In other words, if they don't love you, they'll exploit you. If love is not in the relationship, you'll be exploited and ditched later.

A woman who does not love you is always after your money, resources or connections; she's purely after what she can get from you.

A man who does not love you is always after your body, or your money and resources, or your connections; he's solely after what you can give him to have a comfortable and better life.

If whenever you meet, the FIRST thing they ALWAYS inquire about is what you promised to give them, do for them or buy for them, it's a sign you're being exploited and not loved.

You're also being exploited if sexual gratification is what they're after anytime you meet.

Get knowledge to know what love is, get understanding to understand the characteristics of love, and get wisdom to be able to identify love - to avoid being exploited and dumped when you're considered to be now "useless".

Having a good understanding of what love is and looks like will help you avoid entering exploitative and parasitic relationship.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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