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Homosexuality - Not God's Idea

Homosexuality is not God's idea neither is it His will.

What is His idea and what is His will?

Heterosexuality is His idea and will.

After God created Adam, He made a woman (a female) and brought her to Adam. God did not make another male to bring companionship to the first male he created neither did he bring a male to Adam. So male to male is not God's idea. Man to woman is His original and only idea.

It is not God's idea that a man should get married to another man or a woman to another woman. Male to male and female to female is satan's idea, because he always seeks to corrupt God's original idea.

So when you're practicing homosexuality ("gayism", lesbianism, bestiality, bisexuality...) understand that what you're practicing is what the devil engineered,

and the devil never conceives what will benefit humans (because he hates humans); everything he invents is to harm and destroy humans - I MEAN EVERYTHING.

Be careful what practices you adopt as a lifestyle. Be careful what practices you embrace, just because you're told it's done by several people doesn't mean it's right and safe. Some exponents of homosexuality convince you to believe that it is how you're created if you're attracted to the same sex, but it's a great deception.

The Creator (God Almighty - the Father of Jesus Christ) never made anyone that way. You were not born that way. If you happen to notice such unnantural attraction in you, know that satan has planted it through a door you (knowingly or unknowingly) opened to him. Demons are real, and they really do possess humans (those whose lives are not hidden in Christ Jesus) and make them do unnatural things.

Help to overcome homosexuality is available HERE

~ Precious Victor Akah


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