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One way to have lasting peace in your marriage is to befriend the Holy Spirit.

Listening to the Holy Spirit, asking Him questions and seeking counsel from Him will save you a lot of headache, regrets and stress in marriage.

There is no need to fight constantly, to argue every now and then, or to quarrel ceaselessly when the Holy Spirit is your friend (a friend you take His advice and counsel swiftly, without reservation).

When you want to react in anger over a perceived wrong or unjust treatment from your spouse and He says, "Don't react, kept quiet, or let it go", know it's because He's working out a better way to resolve the issue that will actually make you feel much better.

Or when He asks you to apologize and say sorry to your spouse even though you feel you are right and shouldn't be the one apologizing or saying sorry, trust His judgement and obey and do as He says, you'll have no regrets but joy, rest of mind and peace in the end.

Many times, you just need to have a conversation with the Holy Spirit and tell Him what your spouse has done that you don't like (instead of starting a fight or a quarrel) and He'll handle the issue by speaking to your spouse, and your peace and joy will be intact (this is why you should marry someone who has the Holy Spirit and also listens to (obeys) the Holy Spirit).

And sometimes, you only need to ask Him (the Holy Spirit) what you should do or how you should react or handle a particular issue, and He'll give you a wise response that will sustain and foster peace in your marriage.

Lasting peace and joy is not possible in a Christian marriage without the involvement of the Holy Spirit.

Is the Holy Spirit your friend?

If not, befriend Him so you can enjoy your marriage and your spouse better.


~Precious Victor Akah


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