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Loving Your Wife


Constantly TELLING your wife you love her is great, but don't forget to consistently SHOW her you love her, because, it is the showing of love that gives credibility to your love confessions.

Love DEMONSTRATED gives credence to love DECLARED. Love PORTRAYED validates love PROFESSED.

Some husbands feed their wives with "I LOVE YOU" in abundance but starve their wives of love in practical expression. They keep saying 'I LOVE YOU' with no corresponding actions. Telling your wife you love her without intentionally showing her you love her makes it seem as though you're oozing out lies.

Sadly too, some husbands do not even tell their wives 'I LOVE YOU', not to speak of demonstrating it. Hmm!

Good husbands constantly tell their wives 'I LOVE YOU' and give expression to it, too. They PROFESS their love to their wife and also PORTRAY IT.

Your wife's love tank is filled by both your verbal confessions of love and your practical expressions of love to her. So to keep your wife constantly happy, make sure to supply BOTH adequately.


~ Precious Victor Akah


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