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Marrying A Rich Man


Marrying a rich man because of his wealth does not immediately imply that you'll gain access to his money and wealth after marriage.

Some rich men are very stingy - remember that. He may be spending lavishly on you as he's trying to convince you to marry him, but the moment he successfully makes you his wife, you'll not taste his wealth ever again. Don't be lured!

A man is not generous because he is rich; a man is generous because he has a liberal heart. Always remember this.

So you want to marry a man with a liberal heart even though he may not be wealthy at the moment; because when he eventually becomes wealthy, you'll enjoy his wealth with him.

However, do not put your hope of enjoying wealth on any man. Put that hope on God and work diligently (diligent hands makes rich - Proverbs 10:4 ).

The path of greed and gold-digging is a path filled with regrets. Don't take that path. Those who have taken it may pretend to be happy on social media but they know what they're suffering privately, and know within themselves that they regret taking that path daily. Don't be enticed! Take caution.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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