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Before getting married, I heard a married person say, "When you get married, there are days you'll lie naked on the bed with your partner and nothing would happen."😀 Because you both are completely "satiated" with sex. After getting married, I understood this statement better.

You know, as an unmarried person, it would be extremely rash and unwise for you to rush into marriage or to be in a hurry to get married, just because you're eager to experience sex, or you want to enjoy sex in a lawful manner, especially as a young person. Why hurry to eat what you'll eat for the rest of your life and possibly get tired of? Why the impatience? The desire to avoid sexual sin is not even a reason to rush into marriage, what you need is the Holy Spirit's gift of self-control.

There are some young girls who rushed into marriage because of sex, but after marriage, they can't even have and enjoy the sex, because they married the wrong man who is busy frolicking around with unchaste girls and cares less about them, or they're separated from their husband by distance.

Sad reality dawns on some people (their eyes clears) immediately after they have had and enjoyed the sex they hurried into marriage to have. So you don't want the (controllable) pressure or eagerness to have sex to drive you to marry wrong, because trust me, if you marry the wrong person, even sex (the very reason you hurried to marry) will become unpleasurable and undesirable to you. You can even loathe it.

So, there is absolutely no need for you to hurry to marry just because you want to be having sex anytime you want it. You'll have loads of sex till you're even tired after marriage. Let me tell you something you may not have heard: Do you know that the wordless/silent prayer of some married persons is, "Lord, give me strength to satisfy my wife." "Lord, I receive strength from You today, to satisfy my husband." 😊

That might amuse you, but it is a deep reality. When you're married, the same sex you're rushing to have, there will be times and days you don't feel like having sex but your partner wants it. So what do you do if you're dog-tired or you have a lot on your plate? You ask God to give you strength to meet your partner's sexual need at that time.

So dear unmarried brothers and sisters, please calm down and marry for the right reason. Slow down and wisely choose the right partner with careful regard for God's blueprint for choosing a life partner.

When sex tickles your fancy and you're not married, tell sex to wait, you'll give it enough time after marriage.😊

Rushing into marriage to have sex is a dippy idea.


~Precious Victor Akah


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