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Mutual Trust


A joint decision with your partner to abstain from sex till marriage fosters mutual trust.

To begin with, you should ensure that the person you're making this decision with is someone who values and practice sexual purity like you do, otherwise, you'd be fooling yourself. Because they'll make the decision with you, but go out there to get a secret sex mate or patronize prostitutes or even find solace in porn and masturbation.

Therefore, it's important you choose a partner who values sexual purity the same way you value it, so you both are on the same wavelength.

Making the joint decision with your partner to stay away from sex and all sexually related activities till after marriage will build and foster trust between you two.

When you are having sex with your partner before marriage, you might think you both are having fun and enjoying yourselves, but unknown to you, you're hindering and restraining yourselves from having deep trust in each other which strengthens the bond of a relationship.

So you would realize that you're not 100% certain that the person you're having sex with is 100% faithful to you. This robs you of peace of mind and rest. Because the thought that they could be cheating on you will never leave your mind, and you'll keep being suspicious of them.

Sadly, this often continues in marriage if you both eventually marry. You would always have to fight the thought that your husband or wife could be cheating on you (or is capable of cheating) because, if they could comfortably sleep with you without being married to you, nothing really stops them from sleeping with another man or woman they're not married to (under certain conditions) unless they have met God and now possess the fear of God .

So you're doing yourselves a great favour staying pure together till you marry, because you would trust your partner, knowing that, if they were able to restrain themselves from being sexually intimate with you before marriage, they would also exercise the same restraint when tempted by the opposite sex.

This is one of the priceless benefits of staying chaste with your partner till after marriage. Now you see how wise God is to instruct His children to flee fornication. Never think you're wiser than God nor try to play smart, you'll end up realizing your foolishness. Work with the revealed wisdom of God.


~ Precious Victor Akah


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