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That obnoxious attitude, that agonizing and cruel treatment you're putting up with and tolerating now in courtship from your partner, you may not be able to put up with after marriage. Yes, because you're deeply in love, you might feel you can handle it in marriage or you're comforting yourself with the lie that they'll change or you'll change them with time. Hmmm!

It has been advised severally never to tolerate in courtship what you cannot tolerate in marriage, because the chances that it'll continue in marriage is extremely high. (If I were you, I would listen to this counsel).

Because your partner believes that if you can put up with such treatment or attitude in courtship and are even willing to go ahead and marry them, then you can actually live with it.

This is one of the factors that makes it difficult for your partner to stop that thing you think they'll stop doing after marriage.

Very often, issues that are not resolved during courtship become issues that shipwreck a marriage later on.

Bad habits don't automatically change the moment a person is married. Habits developed in singlehood often continues after marriage. Anyone who is not willing to genuinely change before marriage, will not change after marriage or may take a very long time to change.

And a negative addiction or habit pampered before marriage will go into marriage with the individual.

Negative addictions like drunkenness, smoking, wild partying, watching pornography, masturbation, fornication (which often continues as adultery) and negative habits like impulsive spending, laziness, anger, given to cussing and violence, gluttony, wastefulness, not overcome before marriage, follows one into marriage to negatively impact their marriage or wreck it.

Listen to words of wisdom and do the needful.


~Precious Victor Akah


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