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No To Cohabitation


A decision to cohabit with someone is a decision to live in stress. Because you go to bed and wake up each day hoping they never leave you nor abandon the relationship.

You really cannot have (in cohabitation) the peace of mind married people have. Because you're never really at rest knowing that the man or the woman you're living with can wake up one day and decide to leave the relationship since there is no covenant or law binding you both together, simply put, you're not lawfully married to each other - so you have no claim nor legal hold on that man or woman.

Marriage gives you commitment, loyalty, support, community, love and security. It also meets the need of mutual respect, a sense of belonging and a sense of importance (knowing you're significant to somebody). Cohabitation is void of these things, and because it cannot and does not offer these VITAL things, it gives you STRESS instead.

TO LADIES: Cohabitation does not favour you in any way as a woman. Because you can live with a man for 5 years, even 10 years (warming his bed regularly, cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing his clothes and even getting pregnant and aborting the babies for him) and all you're hanging on to in return for all this is a mere verbal promise of marriage. Hmmm! You might be comforting and encouraging yourself with this thought, "because we've been together for so long, he cannot do without me, he'll eventually marry me" but guess what, that man can wake up one day and put an end to what you call a "good relationship" and consider "unbreakable" (because of the length of the relationship) and go right ahead to marry another woman in less than a month.

Any romantic relationship between a man and a woman initiated and maintained without regard to God's will for relationships and marriage is not SHATTERPROOF.

Wise up ladies. God's way is the best. The way of SEXUAL PURITY is the best.

Say NO to cohabitation!

~ Precious Victor Akah


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