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Not A Pass


To Daughters of the Kingdom

A PROMISE by a man to marry you should never be a PASS for him to have access to your body.

He promised marriage does not mean he'll actually marry you nor does it guarantee that he'll eventually marry you.

A man can falsely promise marriage (since most ladies desire marriage) just to have access to your body.

After gaining access to your body, he walks away.

And a man can promise you marriage and refuse to marry you later for one reason or the other. So don't take a PROMISE to marry you as a real sign of COMMITMENT.

As long as a man has not made you his wife (lawfully), he can still change his mind anytime, no matter the promise he has made.

Therefore, never let a man have access to your body because he has promised to marry you. Work with God's wisdom and you'll not only avoid painful regrets, you'll be perfectly safe.♥️

~ Precious Victor Akah


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