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Not A Proof Of Love


Giving him your body before marriage is not a proof of your love for him, but an act of idolatry (if you're a child of God).

By giving a man your body (because he is pressurizing you to do so as a proof of your love for him), you've shown that you adore him more than God and you value your relationship with him more than you value your relationship with God. This is an act of idolatry: placing that man above God.

[The pressure from the man for sex also signals that you may not be with the right person]

No wonder daughters of God who do this normally harvest unpleasant results; they suffer regretful repercussions such as broken fellowship with God, prolonged guilt, shame and fear, delay, retrogression, disappointment, heart break, unwanted pregnancy (which leads some to commit abortion and die in the process or end up with a ruptured womb or difficulty conceiving again in marriage), contraction of STD, lack of trust in marriage, and the list continues.

If you're God's daughter and you genuinely love God, let no man compel nor pressure you to give your body to him as a sign or proof of your love for him.

When you put God first always and constantly seek to please Him first (even when pleasing Him means displeasing man), you'll harvest pleasant and enviable rewards.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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