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Peace in the home fosters unity in the family.

It is difficult for a husband and wife to be united when peace is lacking in their home.

A home where there is no peace is a home where there is no unity: no unity between husband and wife and no unity among the children.

So it is difficult for you and your spouse to be united in mind, united in spirit, united in purpose and vision, if peace is absent in your home.

If you want unity in your home, let peace come in and remain in your home; sustain peace in your home.

When peace is present, unity will be present. Peace brings unity. You don't seek unity when peace is yet to be welcomed. You first let peace in and unity will come in too.

Ephesians 4:3 says "Make every effort to keep the UNITY OF THE SPIRIT through the BOND OF PEACE." NIV

"Do your best to preserve the UNITY which the Spirit gives by means of the PEACE that binds you together." GNT

When you're at peace with your spouse and at peace with your children, you can easily unite together to accomplish the goals and vision of your family.

Welcome peace into your family, so that you can unite together and make significant progress as a family.

Peace fosters unity in the family, and progress results from unity in the family.


~Precious Victor Akah


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