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Though this is rarely spoken of, but personal hygiene is crucial in marriage.

The reason your spouse does not lavish you with kisses nor enjoy french kissing you could be because of mouth odour.

The reason he or she does not hug you often, make body contact with you, or play around the house with you could be because of body odour.

Your spouse may not enjoy being sexually intimate with you often because you are not tidy (at least to their satisfaction).

These things exist in some marriages and your spouse may not have the courage to tell you because you might feel bad or pick offence. So, have a self check.

Topping up on your personal hygiene might be the thing you need to sweeten your marriage.

Have a GOOD bath and shower daily. (Twice may be recommended if you perspire a lot)

Wash your mouth daily, or twice daily (morning and night) or after each meal depending on what's best for you to maintain a fresh breathe.

Wear perfume and smell good.

Wash your hair often to keep bad smell at bay (ladies), this can encourage your husband to play with your hair or stroke it (this gives a good feeling I should say).

Avoid wearing fetid clothes around the house and keep your undergarments and nightwears scented.


~Precious Victor Akah


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