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Praying For Your Spouse


In a Christian marriage, there is a place for correction and there is a place for prayer; one cannot take the place of the other.

If you constantly correct your spouse without praying for them, you may have little results or no results at all. Why? Some people are averse to corrections (although this shouldn't be so), while others take a long while to make required/recommended changes. So you may find yourself constantly complaining, nagging, and quarrelling, year in, year out.

But when you pray for your spouse, though they may be laggard or tend to drag their feet in making and effecting required changes, and though they may resist corrections, but, they cannot resist the power of God, they cannot resist God for He created them.

So, rather than complain, nag and quarrel with your spouse over something they're constantly not doing right which is wearing you out or meddling with your peace of mind, happiness and joy, pray for them. Hand that concern over to God. You have complained and quarreled enough, deploy the power of prayer and maximize its benefits.

Praying ABOUT your spouse may make you feel better for a WHILE, but praying FOR your spouse will make them better and also make you feel better for LONG.

Start praying FOR your spouse today.

Note: Prayer is not old-fashioned because it can never go out of fashion.


~Precious Victor Akah


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