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Request For Sex Before Marriage


If he is asking for sex before marriage, what he NEEDS is SELF-CONTROL, not SEX.

He may WANT sex, but what he NEEDS is self-control. He needs to learn sexual discipline.

If you give him what he WANTS, it doesn't solve the real problem: his lack of self-control.

If you give him what he WANTS, he can always get what he WANTS from someone else when you're not disposed or available to give him what he WANTS.

So in marriage, when he WANTS sex and you're unable to give it to him when he WANTS it (for any reason), the chances of him getting his WANT met by someone else is high, especially when there is a woman nearby offering him sex on a silver platter. Reason: he has no control over his desire for sex. He is a slave to his sexual desire.

If you can, help him build self-control from a distance (if he is willing to cultivate it), setting boundaries and respecting the boundaries, so you don't get caught up in the process.


~ Precious Victor Akah


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