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Having sex before marriage because you want to be able to satisfy your partner in marriage is WAY OUT OF GOD'S WILL.

What then is God's will? His will is that you and the person you marry will learn how to satisfy each other in marriage, not before marriage. So if you're using the selfish excuse of "I want to learn to sexually satisfy the woman or the man I marry in marriage", you're not acting in line with God's will and it would yield a harvest which would not be pleasant to reap.

Stop it now. Follow God's will and you'll reap pleasant rewards. A lot of people who used this excuse to have sex before marriage still were and are not able to sexually satisfy the person they're married to; while those who followed God's will have learnt to satisfy their partner sexually.

God is wise (Jude 1:25). If you know and believe this, you'll follow His will. If you don't believe, you'll do things your own way and at the end discover you were foolish. Be wise.

Moreover, when you get married, don't try to learn how to sexually satisfy your spouse by watching pornography, you will be trapped. Besides, it is not a godly thing to do in God's sight. So avoid it.

Communicate and talk with your spouse; ask him or her questions to know what they want and how they want it to better satisfy them.

The sexual needs of your spouse is unique to them. That is why it is not only immoral but also useless getting involved in pre-marital sex on the grounds that you want to learn how to satisfy the person you'd marry.

You can learn whatever you need to learn in marriage. That is God's way.


~Precious Victor Akah


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