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Sex - For The Married


To Kingdom Citizens,

Sex is a fun activity for the married, not for the unmarried.

If you're thinking of having fun, this kind of fun is definitely not the one you should be considering as an unmarried person.

To have this kind of fun, you need to get married first (I did not say you need to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend, neither did I say you need to move in with your fiancé/fiancée). The Kingdom requirement is: GET OFFICIALLY and LAWFULLY married first.

However, the desire to have this kind of fun should not be the PRIMAL REASON you're hurriedly making plans to marry, otherwise, you may miss God's will in marriage.

When the married engage in this fun activity, it solidifies their marriage, boosts their friendship and fosters intimacy; but when the unmarried engage in it (erroneously thinking it'll solidify their relationship), it ends up scattering the relationship - after building guilt, shame, anxiety and low self-esteem - in the parties involved. It has shattered a lot of relationships ordained by God to lead to marriage.

Sister, Brother, no matter the temptation to engage in this kind of fun as an unmarried person, resist it vehemently, because all pleasures have a cost, and when the cost greatly exceeds the pleasure (as it is in this case) it becomes a punishment.

Patience and self-control are fruits of the Holy Spirit; as a child of God, you have the Holy Spirit in you, so yield to Him and let Him bear these fruits in you bountifully.

As long as you desire and hope to marry someday, you'll have this fun activity to your maximum satisfaction with your spouse. So exercise patience and exhibit self-control.


~Precious Victor Akah


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