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My husband usually assists me many of the times when I have to cook several meals in a day to stock in the fridge; this is one of the activities we do together that I really relish (if your husband assists you in the kitchen, be grateful ☺️).

The other day, as we were cooking together, he began to sing a love song to me that he composed himself (funnily, it wasn't premeditated); so he used some funny words that really cracked me up, but I felt extremely good.

Days after, that scenario and the lyrics of the love song he sang that I could remember kept replaying in my heart, reassuring me of the deep love my husband has for me. I'm sure he doesn't fully know the depth of impact his rendition had on me that day.

Imagine if we don't do things like that together as couple, we would miss opportunities as this to create precious memories and leave lasting positive impact on each other.

So as a couple, have activities that you both do together. It really helps you bond, create sweet lasting memories, and strengthen your love for each other.

Do things together like cooking, gyming, playing indoor or outdoor games, traveling, shopping, eating, praying, watching movies, attending church services, studying the Bible, etc

The more things you do together, the greater the bonding and the stronger the bond between you two becomes, making you both inseparable.

"One of the most effective ways to strengthen relationships is through shared interests and activities. Engaging in activities together helps to create a stronger bond between individuals, as they are able to connect on a deeper level and create shared memories."


~Precious Victor Akah


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