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The Man You Should Marry


The right man to make your husband is the man who is in Christ and loves to be in the presence of God. It is the man who loves to fellowship with God personally, not the man you'll need to coax to go to church, or persuade to pray and study the Bible, or beg to fast and have a quiet time with God, nor drag to have morning devotion with you and your children after marriage.

The ideal man is the humble man who worships God; who is not ashamed neither does he feel too proud to lift his hands and worship God in church. It is the man who will take you and your children to church and join the service, not the one who'll drive you and/or your children to church and go back home to sleep or stay in the car to watch movies and browse social media or go to the bar to watch football and drink with his friends.

A whole David, who killed a lion and a bear with his hands and who was the King of Israel, worshipped God unashamedly. He wrote the largest worship book in the Bible (the Book of Psalms).

If that man currently in your life is very proud and feels worship is for impoverished weak men, or that it is women's thing, he's not the kind of man you want to marry because he is not a real man. A real man recognizes the Sovereignty of God and submits to His Lordship.

Can he kill a lion or a bear with his hands? Yet he feels lifting hands, bowing heads, kneeling down to worship God in church or in his closet is for weak men and women.

Real men worship God. God loved David because he was a real man. God never said He loved Saul; Saul was proud and was not a worshipper. So God lifted David the real man and removed Saul. Abraham, Jacob were worshippers. Choose a real man (a worshipper) to make your husband. When he worships, God can speak to Him and give him solution to any challenge you encounter in your marriage and God can correct him when he is in error.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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