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Trust In Marriage


Trust glues husband and wife together, making it difficult and impossible for a third party to succeed in his or her malevolent attempt to scatter or destroy the marriage.

A marriage where the husband does not trust his wife and where the wife is very suspicious of her husband due to lack of deep trust can be easily pulled apart by a third party.

If you cherish your marriage and desire to keep it from malicious homewreckers, but you have trust issues with your spouse, please have a sit with your partner and discuss the root cause of that mistrust and distrust; deal with it, so mutual trust can be restored in your marriage, otherwise, that will be the very tool the devil will use to actualize his mission of destroying your home. (Don't let him; you are wise).

Your sole desire to keep your marriage without mutual trust between you and your spouse is not powerful enough to forestall your marriage from homewreckers, even the devil himself. Mutual trust is indispensable in marriage.

You heard from someone for the first time that your husband or wife is cheating on you and you're packing your belongings to leave the house and quit the marriage, it simply reveals you don't trust your spouse at all. If you trust him or her, leaving immediately will not be your first reaction.

Lack of trust between husband and wife creates division between the two parties, this is what makes it easy for a third party to tear the marriage apart or bring the marriage to a halt with just a rumor, scandal, blackmail or gossip.

Maintain trust between you and your spouse.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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