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A man may love what you have and not love who you are.



It should be clear that a man loves THE MONEY YOU HAVE and not WHO YOU ARE when he threatens to severe a relationship with you because you failed or refused to send him money (for any reason) like you used to.

It is also conspicuous that a man loves THE SEX YOU'RE GIVING HIM and not WHO YOU ARE when he issues threats to end the relationship because you've taken a new resolve to stop having sex before marriage and enjoy sex only within the confines of marriage.

When a man threatens to break up with you because you've decided not to go to his house anymore to cook for him, clean his house, wash the toilet, launder his clothes, do the house chores..., because you've gained sense and wisdom, you should also know that he loves the PHYSICAL HELP YOU ARE GIVING HIM and not WHO YOU ARE.

When he says he's putting an end to the relationship because you told him you can no longer use your profitable knowledge and skill to fetch money for the both of you through illegal and unlawful ventures because you want to start living right, understand that he loves the SKILL and KNOWLEDGE you possess (which is profiting him) and not WHO YOU ARE.

And if he vows to leave the relationship any time you tell him you will not prostitute your body anymore (sleep with rich men) to save up money for your "wedding" and "life after your wedding", or to fund his ostentatious lifestyle or finance his business, it should be absolutely clear to you that this man DOES NOT LOVE WHO YOU ARE, but loves THAT HE CAN USE YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY TO LIVE THE KIND OF LIFE HE DESIRES.

When you've discovered this, what should you do? Run! Run away from such a man and run to Jesus. Pour your unfeigned love on Jesus. Keep pouring, you'll reap many harvests, a good man inclusive. Jesus is your first love; when you reciprocate His love, you get the privilege to experience unfeigned love from the opposite sex.

Keep loving on Jesus.


~Precious Victor Akah


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