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Why You Should Flee Sexual Immorality


Before the wedding, the temptation to have premarital sex is particularly strong.

But few years or months after the wedding, the same devil tempting you both then to have premarital sex by all means, now begins to fight to stop, discourage, or hinder you both from engaging in marital sex.

Isn't that strange?

The devil really is strongly against godly relationships and godly marriages that have divine purpose to fulfill.

So he tries to stop every godly relationship from blossoming into a godly marriage that will fulfill God's agenda on earth - by attempting to introduce premarital sex to either end the godly relationship or damage the spiritual lives of the couple just to stop them from fulfilling God's plan for their godly relationship.

And if he fails, he then proceeds to attack their godly marriage - to stop it from fulfilling God's plan.

He attempts to use prolonged sickness, distance, anxiety, disagreement, unforgiveness, malice, heavy workload (which leads to tiredness and loss of appetite for sex), to actualize his evil aim. He could even attempt to make your spouse look unattractive/unappealing to you, but parade before you people of the opposite sex he knows you may find attractive.

Under no condition and for no reason should you have anything sexual or romantic with anyone other than your lawfully married spouse, if you really want to fulfill God's great plan for your marriage.

May we not be ignorant of the schemes of the devil. May we be wise, vigilant and watchful enough to resist the devil always, and fulfill God's plan for our godly relationships and marriages. Amen!


~Precious Victor Akah


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