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Work As A Woman


Work and earn money by yourself as a woman so you don't marry a man just because of his money and end up in a miserable marriage.

Laziness is not beneficial. If you're lazy to work and you are waiting eagerly for a rich man to approach you for marriage, you may end up in a regrettable marriage.

Because you often get into trouble when you try to reap where you have not sown (except God sent you there or took you there Himself - John 4:38).

Also, your privation and lack of money will impel you to hurriedly say yes to a moneyed man proposing marriage to you, without investing time to know who he really is and thoroughly investigating what he does for a living, also finding out if God approves him as your life partner, just because he has the money you do not have and need desperately.

But if you have your own money and you're earning regularly through a legitimate means, a moneyed man will not quickly appeal to you for marriage; you'll patiently study a man proposing marriage to you and take time to find out if God approves him, before saying yes to him.

This is one of the advantages of WORKING as a woman. It is not often said, but it is a sad reality that some women are currently stuck in a miserable marriage due to laziness - which pushed them to marry the wrong person because of money. Choose hard work and diligence over laziness and idleness.

Stop joining every social media platform/hook-up platforms you see or hear about, searching for a rich man to hook up with and marry. Invest that time in monetizing your passion, skills or hobbies, or get a job and empower yourself financially and be able to choose God's will for you in marriage (a man you actually love and not a man whose fat pockets you're only in love with).


~ Precious Victor Akah


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