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Begging For Love


Usually, when people beg to be loved, there is this unspoken, hidden belief/thought they have that they're not lovable and no one can/will love them. So they think begging to be loved is the "only way" they can have a taste of love. But they end up not tasting love but hatred masked as love, then turn around to say that love is wicked or love is bitter.

Don't subject yourself to needless pain because you want to be loved. You can't taste LOVE and say it is wicked; there is no wickedness in love. You can't taste LOVE and say it is bitter; love is anything but bitter. Love is sweet.

If you choose to beg to be loved or force yourself on someone, you then must be ready to continue begging to keep the relationship going. Don't choose this.

But, who told you that you're not lovable?

Friends, family, past relationship, mockers??? Whoever it is doesn't matter. Ditch their opinion and hear this: EVERYTHING GOD (THE CREATOR) MADE IS GOOD, THAT INCLUDES YOU.

If you can reconnect to your Maker and realign yourself to His will and purpose for your life, you'll discover how lovable you are and attract real love to yourself. You'll also have strong self-esteem and understand your real worth.

Don't beg to be loved.

Don't force yourself on anyone.

You're worth more than that!

Don't give yourself to someone who'll take advantage of you because you're desperate for love.

Stop doing all you can and giving all you have to make that person love you; they might accept you and start a relationship with you, but they'll never love you or show you real love. They'll just exploit you and dump you at the end of the day - to be with the person they actually love.

Honestly, God has someone good for you - who you don't have to do a billion things for them to love you. They'll just love you without conditions.

Let God have you and love what He loves and do what He says you should do and He'll orchestrate your meeting with this person specially prepared for you.


~Precious Victor Akah


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