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Love And Sex



So you do not have to prove you love someone by having sex with them.

One can have sex with a person without loving him/her. This is what whoremongers do with prostitutes. And this is what some married men and women (without the fear of God and self-control) do with their domestic help.

And, you can love someone without having sex with them. This is what we do when we love our neighbor as Christ instructs (Matthew 22:39) and when we love our brothers and sisters in Christ in obedience to Jesus' command in John 13:34 .

So, never put love and sex together nor consider them to be the same.

There are authentic and godly ways to prove or show you love someone without giving your body to them. (This is for those in pre-marital relationships)

If you are married, you should know that your body belongs to your spouse, and satisfying them sexually with your body is your marital obligation.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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