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If you value your relationship with Christ, you'll marry who is in Christ.

It is easier to remain in Christ when you're married to someone who is in Christ; and harder to remain in Christ when you're married to someone who is not in Christ.

Marry who is in Christ, not just who is in church. That he or she attends church services regularly should not immediately pass the idea to you that they're in Christ.

It is not every brother nor every sister in church that is in Christ.

Being in church (church building) is not the same as being in Christ.

You are not just looking for someone who goes to church, but someone who is a bonafide member of the Church of Jesus Christ (the Body of Christ).

Prostitutes go to church. Robbers go to church. Fraudsters, ritualists, cultists, witches, fornicators, adulterers, drunkards, smokers... go to church, but are they in Christ? The answer is obvious.

Whoever is in Christ is a changed man or woman whose godly lifestyle brings glory to God, this is the kind of person you should seek to marry if you have been transformed by the Holy Spirit.

So, that brother you're thinking of getting married to, that sister you're thinking of proposing marriage to, is he/she in Christ? Be led by the Holy Spirit and you'll not choose wrongly.

If you're in Christ, marrying someone who is in Christ helps you remain in Christ. But marrying someone who is not in Christ will either take you out of Christ completely or weaken you to serve Christ. The tendency to bring him/her into the fold (in Christ) is quite low. Marry who is in Christ to remain in Christ.


~Precious Victor Akah


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