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One-sided Love


One-sided love is commonly unrequited love and is met with pain and loneliness.

One-sided love really does not produce a joyful, strong and lasting marriage.

Because in marriage relationship, love unreciprocated (unrequited love) is painful and also very difficult to preserve.

The one giving the love usually would become weary over time because they're not receiving love in return and may eventually give up if the change they're hoping for is protracted (taking too long to come).

The love that really builds and sustains a marriage is mutual, not one-sided.

When the love in a marriage relationship is being returned by the other partner, it gives the one giving the love more encouragement and reason to love his/her partner the more.

So, don't just marry who loves you, and don't just marry who you love; marry who you love and who loves you in return.

Love must be mutual in any love relationship that will be blissful, flourish and stand the test of time.


~Precious Victor Akah


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