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The Woman You Should Marry



The Woman You Should Marry

•A woman who comes to help you actualize the assignment God has given to you and submits her vision to yours, not the woman who comes to destroy your vision, create a division, run her own vision and run your life as well.

•A woman who helps you achieve, not who comes to destroy what you have already built or are currently building.

•A woman who can take care of the house, cook, clean and keep the house tidy.

•A woman who is a good manager of resources; not a waster of resources and a careless spender. A woman who is a chronic debtor/borrower, who always buys things on credit will tamper with your peace of mind.

•A woman who encourages you when you share your dreams and God-given visions with her, not the one who discourages you and tells you what you want to achieve or do is impossible. A woman who spurs you to greater heights, not the one seeking to pull you down, kill your dreams or talk you out of your God-given visions. You need a woman who cheers you on.

•A woman who doesn't pressure you to meet her WANTS: to buy her everything she desires to have, to buy her whatever she sees at the mall, to buy her what her friends have when she knows you cannot afford such. Marry an understanding woman who knows your pocket and your size, who knows how much what you earn can afford; a woman who is contented with what you can afford to buy or do for her. A woman who does not demand for what you cannot get her.

•A woman who is your number one supporter and not your number one detractor.

Finally, a woman who genuinely fears God and love being in His presence, not a woman who doesn't want to go to church with you. If she is always excited and ready to go to the shopping mall, to the cinema, to the beach, to an eatery with you, but drags her feet when it is time to go to church, you don't want to make her your wife.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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