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Marry Who Knows Your Value


A man who gives you money only after sleeping with you (because he believes that is the only time you merit, deserve or qualify to have his money) is not increasing your value because he sees you as nothing but an object to satisfy his sexual cravings and urges; in other words, he is saying - with his actions - that you're worthless and useful for only sex.

A man who persuades, forces or pressures you to have sex with him before marriage is blind to your value. If he really sees the value in you, he'll quickly work towards making you his legal wife and not his provisional sexmate.

A man who constantly uses contemptuous and derogatory words on you and abuses you physically is decreasing your value.

A man who never acknowledge his wrongs, never admit he is wrong, always believes he is right and never apologizes when he is obviously wrong is not increasing your value but damaging your self-esteem by making you feel you're solely responsible for everything that goes wrong in your relationship, in other words, you're not good enough - you have a problem - that's what he is silently communicating.

A man who restricts, limits or stops you from pursuing your dreams, utilizing your potentials, and maximizing your skills, gifts and talents does not know your value.

A man who constantly tells you he is managing you or he is doing you a great favour being in a relationship with you does not see your value.

A man who shames you publicly, talks down on you before his friends and family and constantly reminds you of your terrible past is shrinking your value.

And a man who draws you away from Christ, discourages you from growing spiritually, and compels you to disobey the commands of God and act contrary to His teachings is killing your value.

Marry a man who knows, appreciates and increases your value.

~ Precious Victor Akah


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