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This might sound old or seem like a cliche, but it's a proven, abiding truth.

If you have a character that you personally do not like, I'm very certain that you do not desire nor pray to marry someone who has that same character.

Now if you don't desire nor pray for such, why then do you think another person is praying earnestly for such? Who doesn't like good things?

We all love good things. We all are attracted to good things. This knowledge therefore should impel you to determine to be as good as the kind of person you want to marry.

I may not know exactly the kind of person you want to marry, but I can guess the qualities you've listed are good qualities and not a single bad quality.

So, the God you're praying to and asking to give you one of His good sons or daughters is a JUST and RIGHTEOUS God who'll only give the best to each and every child of His.

And, the good man or good woman you're praying to have as a life partner is also praying to marry a good man/woman.

So for God to answer your prayer, be that good person the other good person is praying to have.

When God orchestrates or matches two individuals, He gives GOOD to a GOOD child of His. He is a JUST God.

Self improvement, mind renewal/upgrade, and living a pure, righteous life as a born again Christian is still very much important.


~Precious Victor Akah


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