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If you're in a relationship that is not working, don't take it to marriage, because it'll still not work in marriage. You either make it work now or end it.

And by making it work now I don't mean force it or cajole or beg the other person to commit to making the relationship work, or you may need to keep up with that in marriage for your marriage to keep "working".

God has no issue if you break up from a relationship that is not working, in fact, He expects you to, especially when you both have carelessly become sexually immoral.

But when it comes to breaking up from a marriage and wanting to have a divorce because "the marriage is not working" in your terms, you need to be extremely careful not to offend God, particularly when you have a relationship with Him.

So, if a relationship is not working and you've tried to make it work with no success, end it. Don't take it to marriage. Don't say I'll pray and the Holy Spirit will make it work in marriage, if you've prayed now and He's not making it work, you should know that He's not involved in it.

Don't keep a relationship God's hand isn't in.

For a relationship to work, the TWO persons involved in the relationship must be personally willing and intentional about making it work. You're not forcing the other person or begging him or her.

Value your relationship with God and He'll give you someone better; someone with whom the relationship will work and lead to a working marriage.

PS: If you're struggling to end a relationship that is not working, sincerely ask God to help you and help yourself too. You deserve a working relationship that will lead to a working marriage.


~Precious Victor Akah


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