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Your Spouse Comes First


Your spouse should be the most important person to you after God.

Your spouse married you because you either verbally told them or made them feel they're the most important person to you on earth.

This should continue in marriage, by preferring your spouse (husband or wife) above everyone else and anything else.

Your spouse should never have to compete with anything (social media, TV, video games, football) or with anyone (your friends, relatives, parents, siblings or anyone else) to have your time, attention, care, love, money or anything you possess that they need.

Your spouse comes first before anyone and should be given the highest priority. A marriage may start to crumble when this order is rearranged and your spouse finds themselves struggling with 'outsiders' to have access to you.

When either the husband or the wife start feeling they're no longer the most important person to their spouse, a marriage begins to suffer. You should try your best to prevent this from happening.

Keep treating your spouse specially. Hold your husband/wife very dear and keep reminding them (through your words and/or actions) that they're the most important person to you on earth after God.

Let your spouse know they're valuable to you by never putting anyone above them. Do not take your spouse for granted. Appreciate all they do for you and reciprocate their love.

Give your spouse listening ears always, no matter how busy you may be. The more valuable to you your spouse feels, the happier they are and the more they enjoy being married to you. The less valuable to you your spouse feels, the more unhappy they'll be being married to you.

Your wife wants to feel she is special to you always. Your husband wants to feel he is special to you always. You obviously married them because you considered them special and they accepted to marry you because you also made them feel special, so continue to make your spouse feel special and highly valued, and you'll enjoy your marriage.


~Precious Victor Akah


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